Whether your company is looking for executives, scarce or specialist talent, it is always evolving, but when COVID hit, RecruitWell had to re-think the way we approach our work while staying true to the tenets of great search: networking, consulting services and relationship building.

The new era Approach is focused more on competency and approaching each new client with a few key elements that show we can in fact still find them the best hire for their needs.

Businesses today cannot afford to hire the wrong person. It is not just a matter of potentially trying to fit a square peg into a round hole; getting it wrong is something that could have a profoundly problematic impact on the organisation.

RecruitWell Human Capital is perfectly positioned to assist you in making decisions in an objective, professional and cost-effective manner. We offer psychometric assessments and bespoke design competency-based simulation tools.

Our approach focuses on a clear understanding of the business context, structure and roles, to deliver the tools that will achieve the best fit for the organisation and its people.

No matter the circumstances, we need to be sure that clients are satisfied with us and the hires we find for them.

Executive Search

We are able to secure highly qualified executives due to our strong search and network capability, and we have many years of experience in placing exceptional talent in board, non-executive, executive, and senior roles.

We are also able to provide executive search across various industry sectors. C- Suite executives either on Interim or in permanent capacity

Interim Assignments

Interim executives provide a unique set of skills and experience on a temporary basis. They are independent executive management who have achieved significant success in their careers and have opted to rather work on a contract or project basis, rather than being full time employees.

Typically, interim executives bring specific skills on a tempory basis, either over a short period of time or on a longer-term basis, whilst an executive search is conducted for a suitable replacement.

Scarce Resources 

We are able to headhunt and find suitable scarce talent where there are limited numbers of individuals available with the specific skills, qualifications, and relevant work experience in specific industries.

Headhunting for scarce and specialist personnel in industry specific, either on Interim or in permanent capacity.

On Demand Services 

RecruitWell prefers a more blended and partnership approach whereby affording bespoke talent solutions, whether on – demand, project based or on an exclusive basis.

Due to financial uncertainty, it is imperative to be able to attract the best talent on a temporary basis, either over a short period or on a project basis in terms of the actual business requirements for specialists’ roles. The cost justification for a full-time specialist, has become challenging for most companies, specifically in the areas of finance, information and technology. RecruitWell will manage all elements of contract, including: payroll, employee benefits, rate negotiations and extensions In terms of these;

By contracting with RecruitWell, whether you are looking for your next CEO or specialist placement, we have a solution to meet your needs.

RecruitWell prefers a more blended and partnership approach whereby affording bespoke talent solutions, whether on-demand, project based or on an exclusive basis.