Talent Management and Consulting Services

Executive Search

We are able to secure highly qualified executives due to our strong Search and Network capability, and we have many years of experience in placing exceptional talent in Board, non-executive and executive, and senior roles. We are also able to provide Executive Search across various industry sectors.

Interim Assignments

Interim Executives provide a unique set of skills and experience on a temporary basis. They are independent executive management who have achieved significant success in there careers and have opted to rather work on a contract or project basis, rather than being full time employees.

Due to financial uncertainty created by COVID-19 it is imperative to be able to attract the best talent on a temporary basis, either over a short period or on a project basis in terms of the  actual business requirements, whether for interim executives, and/or specialists roles.

Typically, interim executives bring specific skills on a temporary basis, either over a short period of time or on a longer-term basis, whilst an Executive Search is conducted for a suitable replacement.

Search for fixed-duration and permanent roles

We have the in-depth industry knowledge and professional insight to serve even the most demanding companies. We help our clients find exceptional Talent in specialist areas where we have proven track record and expertise.

Scarce Resources 

We are able to search and find suitable scarce Talent where there are limited numbers of individuals available with the specific skills, qualifications, and relevant work experience in specific industries.

Retained search 

The retainer search assignment involves the fee is paid in 2 instalments, and at the very least, the search should be an exclusive one where by the .the goal is to deliver results.
The first instalment is when the client signs the search retainer agreement. It makes sense, though, that the final payment is made when a candidate has started work at the organization in terms of the agreed service level agreement .
The retainer involves ownership of candidates during the hiring process., whereby the recruiting firm is typically not able to present candidates to this particular client to other companies until the search has been completed. (Or unless the client specifically states that it has no interest in the candidates.)

On Demand Services 

Due to financial uncertainty it is imperative to be able to attract the best talent on a temporary basis, either over a short period or on a project basis in terms of the actual business requirements for specialists’ roles. The cost justification for a full time  specialist, has become challenging for most companies, specifically in the areas of Finance , Information and Technology. RecruitWell will manage all elements of contract, including: Payroll, Employee Benefits, Rate negotiations and extensions.

In terms of these , On Demand Service, we charge no upfront placement fees but rather an all – inclusive  daily rate with a minimum commitment of 30 days.



Consulting Services

Psychometric Assessments

Our assessment tools increase the accuracy of hiring decisions by examining both person-job and person-culture fit.

We apply a client-centric approach. In dealing with human capital challenges, we design and implement solutions based on an in-depth understanding of the business needs and challenges of a particular organisation.

  • We are able to select the most appropriate assessments required in the particular role, as well as what will best suit the organisation.
  • When recruiting, you have a better understanding of the risks associated with the individual’s appointment.
  • We can include organisational-specific competencies in the assessment battery and individual report to ensure that individuals match the organisational culture as well as the requirements of the position.
  • Assessments provide you with information about the likely performance of potential staff – information that you would typically only get once they have been employed for 6 months to a year.

Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping  for the future :

Using Talent Mapping is an essential part of any companies’ Talent Strategy, as it is important for any organisation to  look beyond the current staffing and organisational structure.

When Talent mapping is utilized, training and coaching programs can be initiated and modified for the future benefit of the organisation. It helps source high potential players in your field for future recruitment and development a strategic plan to fill unidentified skills and talent gaps. We also assist in research and finding out the average salary and available skills out there in the market.

Strategic Recruitment 

This survey helps you understand the person you want to recruit It consists of three parts:
Part 1: An assessment for the person you want to recruit
Part 2: A 30-minute interview by a coach with the person you want to recruit
Part 3: An online feedback session with you and a coach

Pre Employment 

We offer a wide range of background checks including pre-employment analysis, verification of qualification, criminal records by AFIS, credit checks, employment reference and  specific background screening  and Identification checks  which are part and parcel of standard employment checks required, before our client makes a formal letter or offer to suitable candidates.