Are you inclined to look at skills? Employees with the right technical skills can hit the ground running. But, emphasis on technical skills could mean missing culture-fit, values, leadership and potential. You can teach skills, but it’s hard to teach culture-fit.

Are you non-negotiable on experience? Transferable experience reduces training and time taken to get up to speed, but each business has its own unique context, role expectations, culture and team dynamics. So experience may not transfer directly.

Do you want potential? Hiring for potential is all about long-term gain over short term wins. The key here is to make sure that your measure of potential is scientific and not based on gut feel.

Forward-thinking, entrepreneurial businesses are removing the old-fashioned mindset of hiring professional skills and experience. Combining skill, experience AND potential is the way to go.

An holistic psychometric battery incorporating cognitive measures, personality, values, integrity, emotional intelligence, leadership ability and job-related competencies, is aligned with a “hiring for growth” mindset, accurately predicting a candidate’s curiosity, willingness to learn and openness to change, resilience, innovation, teamwork, collaboration capability, and much more.

Article written on 10 March 2021
Author | Kirsten Halcrow | Encapsulate Consulting