At RecruitWell Human Capital Solutions, we look at more than the technical and professional skills of the person we are recruiting.

We evaluate:

  1. Their internal “wiring” or DNA.
  2. Their Values.
  3. Their learned behaviour.
  4. Their level of maturity.
  5. Their approach to the job.
  6. How they would fit into the team.
  7. How to induct them into the team and help them adapt to the culture.
  8. What would be stressful/difficult for them and what would be easy.
  9. How suitable they would be for future jobs or promotions.

We believe that an understanding of these increases the probability of a successful recruit.

The steps are:

Step 1: An assessment for the person you want to recruit.
Step 2: A 30-minute online interview by a coach with the person you want to recruit.
Step 3: An online feedback session with you and a coach.