Due to financial uncertainty it is imperative to be able to attract the best talent on a temporary basis, either over a short period or on a project basis in terms of the actual business requirements for specialists’ roles.

Our service offering includes:

Interim Executives

They are independent executive management who have achieved significant success in their careers and have opted to rather work on a contract or project basis, rather than being full-time employees.

Typically, interim executives bring specific skills, either over a short period of time or on a longer-term basis, whilst an Executive Search is conducted for a suitable replacement.

 Specialist Contractors

This is on a Temporary basis, affording skilled personnel from Financial Services, Information Technology, HR and Finance sectors, meeting your business needs quickly and efficiently.


  • Access to an extensive database of qualified professionals and executives with skills
  • Fast turnaround to bring skills on board
  • Long- and short-term options to suit business requirements


RecruitWell will manage all elements of a contract including:

  • Payroll, tax and salary payments
  • Employee Benefits
  • Rate negotiations & extensions

We are well-versed in the new (Temporary Employment Services) legislation that came into play over the past few years and are available to guide you through the relevant processes specific to your organisation’s operational needs.