Welcome to RecruitWell

RecruitWell Human Capital is a specialist Human Capital business that places, manages and develops people in:-

Health Markets: Wellness, Managed Healthcare, Medical Aid Scheme administration, Medical Aid Scheme Consulting Services, Occupational Healthcare Services and Pharmaceutical.

Financial Markets: Asset Management, Financial Services, Property Management, Corporate Finance, Banking, Risk Management / Treasury, Legal and Compliance, Employee Benefits including consulting, actuarial and administration.

Information and Technology / Other specialized areas..


Three Core Pillars:

  • Talent Management Services
  • Human Capital Technology Solutions
  • Bespoke Training and Development

We do this:

Strategic stakeholder partnership for win/win solutions.

Specialist  placement services.

Holistic Human Capital solutions.

Technology platforms and interface.

Leadership, coaching, development and customised business solutions.

Disability Recruitment: to support your organisation with suitable candidates with impairements or disabilities.

Executive Search


Broad Based Principles :

We subscribe fully to Code of Good practice in the Employment of People with disabilities in terms of the Employment Equity Act 1998.

We are committed to adopting, embracing and implementing the socially responsible economic BEE principles as laid out in the DTIS code.

RecruitWell has obtained Level 4 Black Economic Empowerment Contributor status which entitles clients to claim 100% of the value spent on our services as BEE procurement spend

How we satisfy all Stakeholders

We believe our success relies on our ability to which we can satisfy all stakeholders.


Our primary goal is to be able to effectively on-board a new employee into the organisation.The program consists of checks and balances to ensure that employees have all the information and support they need before they fly solo.

Candidate Services

As a candidate, you have unique demands, aspirations and career paths. We totally understand this and strive to meet your objectives in a timely, ethical and diligent manner.